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Advocacy Committee


Here is a list of the bills that we will be watching this session.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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Link to the Legislature website: www.nebraskalegislature.gov
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The 105th Legislature, Second Session


The Nebraska Legislature’s bill introduction is complete.  Senators introduced 469 bills this year, bringing the total number of bills introduced for the biennium to 1136.  Senators have also introduced Constitutional Amendments ranging from medical cannabis to free early-childhood education starting at age three.  A number of bills changing tax policy were introduced yesterday, most repealing certain sales tax exemptions, one adding a surcharge for high-income earners, and one raising the state’s sales tax by half a percent in order to support workforce development initiatives.   


Early Friday morning, Senator Dan Watermeier of rural Syracuse announced his candidacy for the Nebraska Public Service Commission.  If Watermeier is elected to serve in the Public Service Commission, he would leave his legislative seat two years before term limits would force him out.  His current roles in the Legislature include serving as the Chair of the Executive Board and a member of the Appropriations Committee.   Watermeier is running against three others for the District 1 seat on the Commission.


This was the first week of hearings in the Legislature, and committees wasted no time in taking up meaningful (and in some cases controversial) legislation.  The Judiciary Committee took testimony from witnesses until 7:30 p.m. Thursday evening, a trend that Chair Laura Ebke of Crete predicted would continue.  Next week’s long hearing will likely be in Revenue however, when that committee takes testimony on the $1 billion tax reform package being pushed by Senator Steve Erdman of Bayard, Nebraska.


The Health and Human Services Committee will have a hearing Wednesday on the REPLICA EMS Licensure bill and the HHS Department’s Legislation.  If you would like to tune in to watch NEMSA support the bills, click here on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30.


Committee Members:

Rich Lombardi

Julie Erickson

Eric Gerrard

Aubri Faustman

Dan McMahan

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