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NEMSA Legislative Report - January 2014

The 2014 Legislative session is underway in Lincoln. This is the “short” or 60 day session with many bills held over from last session. NEMSA is tracking those bills while also identifying which of the newly introduced bills may impact EMS providers. Please see the chart for a listing of all bills NEMSA is tracking. You can get more information on a particular bill by using the unicameral website at and clicking on “bills and laws” to do a bill search. This will allow you to download, read or print any pending legislation.

NEMSA has already provided testimony on a couple of bills of interest this session. LB752 would add EMS and Fire personnel to definitions of assault on an officer. This is a priority of ours in light of recent violence on EMS providers. LB807 would make violation of seat belt laws and texting while driving primary offenses. Data has proven that this would save many lives each year. LB895 would change Workmen’s Compensation laws to ensure volunteer EMS and fire personnel would be covered under the maximum amount allowed if injured while on duty, and would allow reasonable compensation such as mileage or a minimum per call payment would not affect their volunteer status. We have also asked for an amendment to be added to LB911, a bill to move toward a “next generation” 911 system. Our amendment would add an EMS professional to the advisory committee created under this legislation.

Perhaps our most important piece of legislation is LB889, introduced by Senator Dubas. LB889 would insert line items into the Health and Human Services budget for program No. 514 which provides for initial and continuing education for licensed EMS providers. Even though NEMSA has been successful in the past, we feel that securing these funds with individual line items is in the best interest of our profession.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bruce Beins, the Advocacy Committee chairman at or any NEMSA Board member. Also keep watch on our website for upcoming changes to those pages and further legislative updates.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Beins, Chair
NEMSA Advocacy Committee


Click on the NEMSA Legislative Report to open up the pdf file to find which bills to support and which ones to watch in 2014. We need everyone's support!! (Updated 2/2014)

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