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Election Committee

New Election Guidelines

2018 Elections Nominations

Guidelines for Candidate:

  • Must be a current (paid) NEMSA member before submitting your candidacy - (Required)
  • Submit by email a two-hundred-fifty or less word biography or campaign message to election committee Dec. 31 by midnight (please include picture) 

  • Posters or signs cannot be displayed in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth - (only what NEMSA provides)

  • No campaigning in NEMSA classrooms, registration areas or booth. 

  • All candidates will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, and will respect the rights and privileges of fellow candidates. It is expected that information provided by candidates be factual and truthful. The Candidacy and Election Committee shall report to the Board any and all instances in which a candidate has made untruthful, defamatory, inaccurate, or inappropriate statements in any phase or aspect of the election process or has committed, procured, solicited, or induced others to commit election fraud misrepresentation or any kind. The board will evaluate this information and, in its sole judgment, may vote to disqualify a candidate prior to election, or refuse to seat an elected candidate. 

  • Candidates may not: use the NEMSA membership list for distribution of candidacy information or materials.

For more information, click the link to view the complete NEMSA Election Guidelines.

Email Bio and Photo to:

Contact Arnie Higgins, Board Member in charge of Elections: nisboardmem@nemsa.org 

2018 BOD Candidates

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