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Advocacy Committee

Legislative Breakfast 2016

Date: March 7th, 2016
Time: TBA

Here is a list of bills that will be for this session. Contact us if you have any questions.

Click Here to see them all!


All NEMSA Members are welcome to come and meet Senators from our great state of Nebraska. Please join us to show how EMS is important in Nebraska.




The Field EMS Modernization and Innovation Act (H.R. 2366) will modernize our Emergency Medical Services System from a 20th century antiquated model based on transport to an innovative, patient-centered, efficient 21st century system. To improve Field EMS delivery in the United States, "value" must be the cornerstone of a re-engineered system to improve quality, outcomes, and coordination and lower costs. Contact your House Representative today to make a formal request that they become a co-sponsor of H.R. 2366 by clicking here!

Link to the Legislature website: www.nebraskalegislature.gov
Click on the "Bill Tracker" and follow the bills below! 

The 104th Legislature, Second Session

The 104th Legislature, Second Session will convene this Wednesday at 10 AM CST in State Capitol in Lincoln. This sixty day session will be fast and furious marking the last session for ten legislative leaders. These “legacy” sessions have historically been active and we anticipate that will be true this year.

The Legislature has made upgrades to their website, which has become an essential source for citizen engagement and since last session there have been some committee membership changes as a result of Senator Nordquist resignation (see attached). Again, the legislative website address is: nebraskalegislature.gov and for a full committee list, view our roster

The Legislature will convene this Wednesday, January 6th and it is anticipated that the legislature will adjourn by April 20th. The first ten legislative days will see the introduction of new bills through January 20th and the public hearings on those bills will commence following Martin Luther King Day on January 19th. During the week of January 11th the legislature will debate morning and afternoon bills that were designated priorities during the past session. These bills include:

  • LB 47-requires persons applying for driver’s licenses or identification cards to answer questions regarding organ donation,
  • LB 67, creating government bond priority payments, 
  • LB 13, provides for co-payment for prison inmate health care services, 
  • LB 285, relating to Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act, and 
  • LB 619, relating to poker licenses. 

During the public hearing phase of this Legislative Session (January 19 through mid-March) the legislature will convene in the morning and the public hearings will take place in the afternoon. Attached is a list of committees. Most importantly you need to put March 23rd on your calendar and come to our office to celebrate the 48th Day of the Unicameral Session and our thirty one years of lobbying. 

The famous words that grace the north entrance of the Nebraska State Capitol capture the spirit with which we begin this next session it says: The Salvation of the State is in the Watchfulness of the Citizen. Never hesitate in contacting us about any legislative matter and we look forward to working with you this session.

Legislative News:



Committee Members:

Rich Lombardi

Julie Erickson

Eric Gerrard

Aubri Faustman

Dan McMahan

Nebraska Soybean Association
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Creighton University
Zoll Medical Corporation
EMS Billing Services
Nebraska Emergency
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